Made-to-Order Quilts

Along with Custom Made-to-Order Quilts and Memory Quilts, I offer a range of high quality quilting cottons and widebacking for your projects. All which can be acquired in person with COVID-19 precautions in place or online and mailed to your door. 

Custom Made-to-Order Quilts/Memory Quilts

Start the process of building your own custom quilt.

Either bring me your loved one’s clothing (t-shirts, pjs, ties, etc) or choose from fabrics I have in stock and we’ll build your keepsake quilt together!  

Together we’ll decide on layout, background and backing fabrics, thread colours, quilting designs and binding choices.  

My general turnaround time for custom made quilts (after receiving all materials) is 3 months.  

If you have any questions,  please contact me via email at  or text 519-741-4882, and we can discuss all your options!