About Us

Your Quilts Done offers a variety of products and services; Computerized Longarm Machine Quilting services, Custom Made-to-Order Quilts, Memory Quilts, and a range of high quality quilting cottons and widebacking for your projects. All which can be acquired in person with COVID-19 precautions in place or online and mailed to your door. Your Quilts Done is proud to be a Canadian home based business and is located just outside of Kitchener-Waterloo, in New Dundee, Ontario.

About the Quilter!


I have been sewing since the age of five and making comforters and applique quilts long before I knew they were called quilts.  I thought I was just sewing a blanket… yup, a “blanket”! 

As a young girl, I would wander into fabric stores and pet the fabric, just because it made my creative heart sing. I’d dream of all the things I could create with fabric and imagine how I could break the ‘rules’ to make something no one else had.

In my early 30’s I was brought under the tutelage of the “church ladies” that quilted in our church basement. They taught me the do’s and don’ts of quilting.  I learned how to load my number 8 hand-sewing needle with 10-12 stitches and keep them perfectly uniform. I learned how to load a quilt on an old wooden frame and sit, stitching for hours. I learned more about life in those hours than just quilting. If I could spend just a few minutes with those ladies, I’d thank them for teaching me so much more than just quilting.

In my 40’s I started an online fabric shop (Fabric Please!) and travelled around Southern Ontario with my fabric trailer. You might have seen me at various quilt shows or guild retreats. I sold that business and am now love bringing your quilt tops to life with my longarm quilting. Somehow, I’ve also morphed into the “t-shirt quilt lady” preserving memories by making quilts to last a lifetime.  

Happy Quilting!